Getting to know the Artist

Here is an interview Bob Szesnat did for displaying his Art at Eden Cafe for March 2019. In it he talks about his art, his motivations, living with his disability and what he likes doing for fun.

the man behind the art


Bob was born with a physical disability called TAR Syndrome. His arms are shorter then other people because he is missing radius bones, that is the 'long bone' in the human arms. He doesn't let that deter his creative endeavors. It has only made them stronger.

In all my 30+ years I have wondered, "what is art?"


It's a complex question. Is not like saying what is a banana. It's many things to many different people.
Art is communicating things better served with images over words. This can include things like feelings, opinions, abstract concepts and humor.
Using art to help communicate thoughts and ideas are one of life's joys.

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