A word on inspiration

Whats the best thing about a sketchbook?

Its yours and You can do with it as you will. You will hear me referring to tattooing a book a lot. It just means taking a sketchbook page and filling it with a ton of pictures that mean something to you, the artist.

Besides my sketchbook I want to tattoo my handy water bottles. They look so naked! So that means stickers. Lots of stickers. I don't mind using other peoples stickers and I might do that if I find a sticker I love though as an artist/designer I kinda want to do my own.

An example of what I like to do with stickers, it looks art delicious.

An example of what I like to do with stickers, it looks art delicious.

The thought of having little images that I created stuck on laptops, cell phones, and water bottles have been an ambition of mine for quite some time.

Stickers stuck on telephone posts and subway cars have always caught my eye. Not really the vandalizing public property part but the thought of seeing something unusual or different in a place that you wouldn't expect it. We get so conditioned from our surroundings, seeing the same thing over and over. Stickers make anything possible and we are able to be put them virtually anywhere.

I couldn't help but think about Shepherd Fairey and his famous graffiti art with an abstract image of Andre the giant and the word 'OBEY' underneath. I remember watching in a documentary where Fairey admitted that he didn't really think about the overall social impact of the 'OBEY' street art and now that he is older he thinks deeper about the types of images he produces. Obey Giant is the 2017 documentary I am referring to you can go see it over on Hulu (at the time of this publication).

He is a social/political artist so the images that he chooses to use have a greater impact or are meant to invoke some kind of change. I differ from Shepherd Fairey in this regard. The images I decide to choose aren't necessarily aimed at trying to evoke a reaction or get people to think about social, economic or political change. I just want to make people feel good.

Sometimes I think that my artistic endeavors are shallow compared to what is possible in art. I could help to awaken people to a more civilized and healthy world though I just want to make them smile." goes through my head. Though I then figured that making people smile is doing some public good, so I calm down my over critical self.

My aim in these stickers is very personal

I want to create a couple of stickers to put on my water bottle that were uniquely made by me and for me. I have no problems in selling these stickers if there is demand and people connect with them, though that is not the purpose of there being.

I have started on this sticky adventure before officially writing about it here. I hope that these entries create an overall narrative to this project and my artistic life as a whole. It might not be the play by play action though I hope to highlight each milestone along the way.

One sticker down more to go. More about that next time.

One sticker down more to go. More about that next time.