The Biggest Question I get is “bOB cAN YOU DRAW ME?”


Answer: “Yes, I can!“

I love drawing people and I would love to serve you and your family. Bellow is a few quick questions to get us started. Please answer them truthfully and the more information about your request the better. The forum helps me steam-line the process so I have more time creating meaningful content.


Let me Know how I can serve you

Name *
What is this Portrait for? *
Knowing the reason behind the request helps me to better understand your needs.
Is this a pet portrait?
I would like to know if an animal is in the picture I am drawing.
Do you want it to be in Color? *
Is this a Head shot, Waist or full body picture? *
How much of the body of the people in your portrait do you want to be included?
How many people in the portrait? *
What is the size of the Portrait you wish to commission?
Please let me know If there is an absolute date you need it by
Please let me know If there is an absolute date you need it by
Usually the date of the special event the work is needed by.
How did you find out about me & my services?

Note: you will get a follow up email asking for a photograph. If at all possible have a clear image of the face. For me to make your portrait the best it can be I need to be able to see you or your loved ones as clear as possible.

*It can be scary sharing information online. The information and Images Bob Szesnat Art requests from you, the potential customer for the purpose of that service is only used to fulfill that service. Knowing what customers want helps Bob Szesnat Art to better serve its audience in the future.